Geriatric care management

Let us help plan care for an aging family member

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Caregiver coaching

We help you understand and navigate the challenges of being a caregiver

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Navigating health issues

We are there for you as you manage complex or life-altering medical situations

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Personal Nurse Consultants

We are registered nurses, and we serve individuals & family members who need assistance thriving in our complex health care system.

Individual Services

Care Coordination

PNC RN consultants will coordinate care between primary care physicians, specialists and your support team of family and friends. This helps prevent duplication of services, missed lab work, poor communication and overlooked concerns. We will attend medical appointments to relay family concerns, ask relevant questions from a registered nurse perspective, and provide your support team with follow up reports.

Transitions Management

PNC RN consultants provide transportation and supporting care for medical appointments and same day surgeries. We assist in hospital discharge and follow-up planning. We help find in-home caregivers and home health care services, and assist in relocating to assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities and adult communities.

Health Navigation

The complexity of the health care system often leaves people and their care teams feeling confused, lost, or alienated. Serving as health navigators, PNC RN consultants help guide you through the various services, specialties, and resources involved in your health care. This coordinates a seamless flow through the health care system that enables you to focus on improving your health and wellness

Disease Management

As registered nurse consultants, we can provide current information on new and chronic illnesses, including symptom monitoring and management, complication prevention, crisis intervention, medication management, pre and post surgical education, and dietary and lifestyle health adjustment planning.

Nursing My Thoughts

My first experience with a doctor that I remember was after I gave myself a gnarly concussion being a little kid in the eighties.  I slammed my temple into the corner of a concrete step, after having made the solid pole handrail an impromptu piece of gymnastic... read more
The Art of Care: A Nurse’s Prospective

The Art of Care: A Nurse’s Prospective

Care is a difficult word to define, and has as many definitions as definers, but for the sake of this article, let’s confine a definition of care with words. Care:  A concerned or troubled state of mind, as that arising from serious responsibility; worry.... read more

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